Here is a list of my books, publications, and current projects, as well as where to read them!

Snow White & the Seven Knights

Eirwen hates Snow White. But she hates her brother more. If Brennan hadn’t run off to become one of Snow’s Knights, then Lord Gordon wouldn’t have burned the Longwood’s barn and seized her home. Determined to clean up the mess he made, Eirwen goes to Clasmoor for the royal wedding. Her plan? To sneak into the castle and give King August a piece of her mind.

But when a handsome young Huntsman gets her into the party, she witnesses something she never could have imagined – the new Queen murdering the King. Blamed for the regicide, Eirwen becomes the most wanted woman in the realm.

Now, if she ever wants to return home again, she must go on the quest of a lifetime – to find Snow White before the Queen does. But to find Snow White, she’ll have to find the Seven Knights. And that means finding Brennan.

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To Infinity and Beyond: How the Evocation of Childhood Nostalgia in Toy Story 3 Facilitates the Journey Into Adulthood

In April 2014, I conducted a rhetorical criticism, in the form of generative criticism, on the Academy Award Winning film, Toy Story 3. My purpose was to investigate the impact that nostalgia has on audiences, which endears viewers to the film and reveals important perspectives on the journey to adulthood. The paper was published in Southern Adventist University’s Journal of Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research (J.I.U.R)., and is the seventh most downloaded article of the journal.

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Welcome to the super hidden secret space on my book page! Really, the only reason this is here is because I can’t figure out why the image of the J.I.U.R. is overlapping the template HR bar beneath it. It’s rather annoying. So, I’ve decided to do this terrible, 5th-grade-impostor-nerd fix on it so that it at least LOOKS decent. If you were hoping for a super hidden secret message here, well – this is as good as it gets. Maybe someday, I’ll be clever enough to include the official pub date of my next book or something – only available to those who already know WHERE IT IS.  Paige out.