August 9, 2017

I Rebranded My Blog

It’s been a long time since I’ve written here. That’s a shame. But if I’m being honest, it’s been necessary. I’ve been going through a transition, which usually means trying to tackle too many  projects at once. It’s been a whirlwind of planning, jumping around, making things happen. But when the dust settled, I had too much to do and not enough energy to do it. So nothing started happening at all.

Dreaming that hard was exciting. But it made the work seem exhausting.

My biggest concern with developing this blog was my focus. Every blog expert will tell you that you need to find your “niche” in order to be successful. I jumped around from topic to topic, hoping something would stick. It didn’t. It hasn’t. I’ve decided that that’s okay. When I started this, I wanted it to be my next big endeavor, the thing that would put me on course to work that I adored, to page views, and affiliate links, and whatever else. Dreaming that hard was exciting. But it made the work seem exhausting. I felt like everything I did was calculated, and ultimately calculated poorly.

So months ago, I rebranded. While I loved the personal significance of Wild Hair, Ocean Soul, it didn’t explain what I want the blog to be. Which made me ask myself: what do I want it to be?

To be honest, the answer was simple: a hobby.

It felt a bit like failure, admitting that. I had wanted to go big or go home, to take my blog seriously, to inspire people, to make a living at it! So I put it aside until I was ready for that. Ready for the hobby to turn into a dream career. I tried once or twice, but I didn’t have the same conviction as when I started. So I waited. But hobbies don’t become careers by waiting for them to. Hobbies turn into careers through action, if they decide to ever turn at all.

Hobbies don’t become careers by waiting for them to. Hobbies turn into careers through action.

But I’m back, wanting to take action. Not because this is going to turn into a hit blog all of a sudden (if at all – if ever). But because I’ve missed writing. I don’t miss stressing about what to write about, wondering what will get the most hits or why I can’t draw people in. But writing for the sake of writing can be enough now.

So what is my blog about? Well, me. My life. I’m just gonna tell you stories about myself, my adventures, my interests. There was a moment when “Paige Through Life” was a good play on words for a book blog. So there might be some book reviews on here. Only time will tell.

How often will I post? I don’t know. I’m thinking bi-weekly, but we’ll just see how it goes. I’ve been grappling with my energy, not to mention a lifetime of living in my head instead of through my hands. But do or do not, right?

Will you rebrand again? Maybe the logo. But I like the name.

Thanks for following along in my journey so far. Thanks for your support of Wild Hair, Ocean Soul. I hope that, moving forward, this blog does continue to inspire you, or make you ask questions, or give you a fun distraction.

Because that’s what hobbies should do. And hobbies are a good thing.

A Personal Growth Update

As I referenced earlier, I’ve had a similar revelation before – that I got so worried about growth that I stopped growing. I wrote about that in my New Year’s post, which talked about experiencing a personal growth plateau. Well, now that we’re halfway through the year, I thought I’d give you a status update on how I’ve been doing so far.

What I Quit

Piano. Coordinating practices was difficult, and I just had other things that I wanted to focus on, like my novel and starting a business. I hope to go back to it in the future.

Where I Stalled

Unfortunately, physical and spiritual progress has stalled. If anything I’ve gained more weight, and spent less time in my Bible. But I’m taking meaningful steps to try and remedy both of those. I expect you’ll learn more in a future post. Just not quite yet.

I also need to do more art. I’ve colored quite a bit, but I’ve felt a strong draw to paint and to try hand-lettering. I hope to post progress pictures!

Where I’ve Succeeded

Reading and writing have been strong for me this year. I read the entire Harry Potter series in about month (okay… last month). I’m still “technically” behind with my goal of 24 books this year (11/24), but I’m not too worried about catching up.

I’ve also written close to 50,000 words in my novel. After a wonderful talk with a dear friend of mine, Laura Wibberding, I decided to make some plot changes and am reworking my beginning and strengthening the plot. I’m looking forward to where this will take my story!

What I’ve Added

I’m not sure how much this is part of personal growth, but I’m launching a business: Sable + White! It’s a t-shirt brand with a mission to celebrate the bond between humans and dogs through fashionable apparel, home goods, advocacy, and community. Proceeds from each sale will go to a local service dog organization (which will be announced on our Facebook page once we have an official launch). I’m very excited about it. Go check it out on Facebook and give us a follow!

Moving Forward

Well, there you have it! I hope to expound on many of these things in the coming weeks, to get vulnerable and honest, but also to have some fun! Life, and hobbies, just don’t need as much pressure as we put on them. You haven’t failed to grow just because you didn’t grow like you prescribed at New Years.

How is your own journey looking right now? Has it taken a turn from where you thought it would since the beginning of the year? 

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